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Buying Guide

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Mimicking a natural flush on your face is the job that is done by blushes. A hint of colour on the cheekbones and apples brings along an added dose of prettiness on the face. If you are trying out blushes online for the first time, no worries, our buying guide will help you get the much-desired flattering look with an almost-natural tint in the cheeks.

Types of Blush

Blushers come in various forms that require different applying techniques. One thumb rule goes for all, the lighter the hand, the better is the application.

  • Powder

    Undoubtedly the widest available type, powder blushers are the most versatile of all. They are available in a wide choice of finishes that range from matte to illuminating. If applying on bare skin, use a makeup primer to make the blush long lasting.

  • Cream

    Cream blushes are richer in pigments, compared to their powder counterparts. You can easily apply a cream blush on bare skin as it does not need a base to cling on.

  • Stick

    If you want the look to be as natural as possible, go for a stick blush. It gives you just a subtle hint on the cheeks with a thin layer of luminous pigments.


The shade of your blush should vary depending on the time of day, the season, and the occasion. Blushes are available in a wide range of colours. We have gathered some of the commonly used colour palettes for you to choose from

  • Nudes

    Nude shades are for those who don’t like visible colour on their cheeks, but still want that extra oomph with a flash of muted tints on the apples of their cheeks.

  • Pinks

    A kiss of pink on the cheeks is the most versatile look that you can create with rosy and lilac shades, ranging from light to dark. Just test against your skin tone to find the shade of pink that will work best on you.

  • Metallic

    With a line of warm shades, metallic blushes are the season’s top trend. From a sun kissed glow to contoured cheeks, you can customise your look as per the occasion.

Special Purpose Blush

  • Bronzer

    Bronzers are special-purpose blushers that give a warm, sun-kissed radiance to the face. Usually available in shades of warm colours, bronzers should necessarily be a shade or two darker than your natural skin colour.

  • Shimmer

    Shimmering blushers are great for special occasions. They add a pop of colour plus a gorgeous shine to your cheekbones for a satin-finish, sculpted look.

  • Highlighter

    A great tool to add ounces of natural-looking shine on the face, highlighters are a special blush for an illuminated, polished look. But, to ace the highlighted look, you will need practiced hands.

  • Contouring

    Contour blushes are specially made to define, sculpt, and enhance the structure of your face. Contouring kits include a bronzer to darken some areas to create a shadowy effect. Highlighters are also used to brighten up against the shadow.

Skin type

  • Dry

    For dry skin type, a mousse or cream blush with Vitamin E is ideal since they help to maintain hydration.

  • Oily

    Those with oily skin should stick to powder blushes. Choose one with higher pigmentation so that the excess oil doesn’t strip off the colour from your face.

  • Normal

    If you are blessed with normal skin, you can wear pretty much anything. From powder to gels to mousses, choose anything in a shade that complements your skin tone.

  • Sensitive

    If using powder blush for sensitive skin, go for finely-milled pigments so that they don’t block the pores. If using a cream blush, choose Paraben free formulations for they are less likely to irritate your skin.


  • Sheer

    Sheer blushes bring in an effortless shine that naturally blends with your skin tone. Choose sheer blushes if you are unsure about how much is too much, or if you are still getting used to using a blush.

  • Pigmented

    Pigmented blushes carry colouring particles. From slight tints to dark shades, choose the level of pigmentation as per the time and occasion when you will be wearing it.

    Blushes are flattering add-ons to a pretty-looking face. However, going overboard with the colours on your cheeks can look downright disastrous. Take help from our buying guide to finalise a product and while applying, take a light-handed approach to set everything right.

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